“Thunnus thynnus” acrylic on canvas, 160cm x 200cm


This painting was something of an experiment. How do I fracture the image of an animal in water? The way light is refracted in swirling seawater is broken enough, without trying to distort the image in reference to screens and the internet. The species is Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, another animal on the IUCN Red List and classified as critically endangered through over-fishing.

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Johora singaporensis, acrylic on canvas, 200cm x 160cm


Johora singaporensis, acrylic on canvas, 200cm x 160cm

Another painting I’ve completed this year: “Johora singaporensis” is a species of land crab native to Singapore, found only in one small area of river on the island and consequently listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List.

My painting is part of a series in which animals are depicted as fragmented, distorted images in reference to their ubiquity on the internet as they disappear from the real world.

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