Paintings (Nov ’12 – Dec ’13)


5 thoughts on “Paintings (Nov ’12 – Dec ’13)

    • Hi Fauzia,

      It’s a reference to how animal populations are broken and scattered as a result of human interference. I was experimenting with how animals and landscape can combine, so I thought I’d start with a chameleon.

      Thanks for commenting on this! 🙂

      • Hi Mark

        Thanks for the clarity. It’s a through concept you have come up with, admirable.
        In fact was reading this article of yours, regarding post-humanism does is also counts the surreal factors ?

      • Thanks, Fauzia. Yes, the post-humanism aspect is also a thread in my artistic practice, which explores how our relationship to other species is changing and how this is manifesting in visual culture. I’m hoping to produce a body of work in the new year that explores this further, and have exhibitions in the spring. I’ll post on here when that starts to develop!

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