Aubrey Vincent Beardsley

One of my students has posted about an Art Nouveau hero of mine, so I thought I’d share her research.



Aubrey Beardsley was born in Brighton, England. He was educated in music and books by his mother before he had been sending to boarding-school at seven. He is also be a musical prodigy. In 1898, Beardsley died of tuberculosis when he was 25.

  Aubrey Beardsley was influenced by the style of Japanese Woodcuts, which is drawing in black ink. By 1892 to 1894, he stared his art as “fresh and original”.

Aubrey Beardsley’s “The Peacock Skirt” (1894) is the one of his illustrations in the set.

cover_Londons_VA_Museum_announce_Alice_in_Wonderland_exhibitionIn 1966, the advertising was showed Victorian-styled ankle boots called “Alice” which was based on the work of Aubrey Beardsley.

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